Current Research

Chemical state analysis of dissolved metallic elements in biological tissue by X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) analysis

The X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) analysis using syncrotron radiation was applied for the chemical state analysis of dissolved metallic elements from dental and medical implants. Very low concentration of metallic titanium and titanium dioxide were detected in the surrounding tissue of titanium dental implants.

Tissues and dental materials observation by XSAM

The scanning X-ray analytical microscope (XSAM) was applied for the analysis of the soft tissue of rat in which metals were implanted. The dissolution of implanted metals and inflammation of tissues were observed by elemental mapping image obtained by XSAM.

Bioabsorbable materials by phosphate glasses

Phosphate glasses are water soluble because P2O5 is the glass former. The dissolution rate is variable by glass composition and the components of the phosphate glasses are mainly Na, K, Ca and P which are not harmful. Therefore, the phosphate glasses are applicable for bioabsorbable materials.

Surface treatment of dental and biomedical materials with sol-gel method

Biocompatibility and adhesivity to tissue is important for dental materials. Various dental metals were coated by amorphous silica gels with sol-gel method. In some cases, biocompatibility were improved.

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